Our Services

Outbound Dialing

Outbound-DialingWhile some of your clients may never have any intention of paying you, there are many who are facing a real difficulty. A third group of client are those that are simply too lazy or forgetful to pay the outstanding bills on time. In the latter two cases, courtesy phone calls can work wonders. Letters are easy to stuff into a drawer and forget, but with a phone call, your customers have to listen to what you have to say. This is the reason why polite and courteous phone calls are seen to yield better results than collection letters.

Long experience in the field of debt collection has taught us that greater the delay in collection, less likely it is to recover the pending amount. So, in order to avoid the problem assuming serious proportions, you should be in constant contact with your client over the phone. This leads to better business relationship and can persuade your clients to pay their bills on time.

NSF Check Recovery

It is now possible to recover your money even for bounced checks and it will not be necessary for you to pay a single penny for this service. You can simply send these checks to us and we shall undertake to pay you the entire amount completely free of charge.

The advantages of the SWF Collections Inc NSF check recovery services are numerous. They are:
1. You get to collect 96% of the checks.
2. There is no time lag in payment as the checks are paid to you instantly.
3. The processing time does not depend on whether the check is local in origin or out of town.
4. We impose no limit on the number of checks you want us to process.
5. The funds are directly credited to the account of the customer.
6. The service is instant and completely free. So, you no longer have to waste time or money chasing up checks.
7. The service is completely customer centric and you no longer have to deal with unwanted letters, phone calls or draw out a cashier’s check or money order.

So, do not delay any longer. Call us now for completely free and quick NSF check recovery services.

Contingency Collection Program

contingency-collection-programIn spite of best efforts, not all debts can be recovered, especially if the debt is very old or if the dollar amount is too large. We at SWF Collections Inc feel that if you do not manage to recover your money, there is no need for you to pay us. Hence, we arrange to work on a contingency basis. Typically, we charge 15% to 50% of the recovered amount. The exact proportion is determined keeping in mind several factors including the age of the account, the type, quantity and the amount of money in the account.

Once you place an account with us, a dedicated collection specialist will assume full responsibility for it. We have a range of latest technologies at our disposal so that we can locate and obtain payment on all the accounts that are placed in our hands. With the customized debt recovery program offered by SWF Collections Inc and the contingency fee agreement, the cash flow of your business is bound to improve.

Benefits of Using our Retail Collection Service

SWF Collections Inc is one of the top agencies of its kind working to recover bankcard debt in primary, secondary and tertiary stages of the revenue cycle before and after charge off. We count some of the largest financial institutions among our clients. Our size is just right for achieving the perfect balance between individual attention to customers as well as the ability to mobilize necessary resources. Customized service and quick decision making has made SWF Collections Inc one of the most dynamic firms in the field.

Set Expectations When Working with Us

When you decide to work with us, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism. We aim to help you build you business relation and reputation while maintaining a strictly ethical treatment of your customers – even the defaulting ones.